Book Review - Happy Place by Emily Henry

Happy Place is the kind of romcom you would see in the aughts. A Maid in Manhattan or 27 Dresses. That is to say, there's absolutely nothing wrong with Happy Place. But it also breaks absolutely zero new ground. A beach read that doesn't pander down but also doesn't punch up, Happy Place is a serviceable read if you're looking for easy, fun reading this summer.

The conceit of the story revolves around Harriet and Wyn who broke up but haven't told their closest friends. When their closest friends invite them to a beach week to say :so long" to an oft visited, but soon to be sold vacation home, Harriet and Wyn decide to pretend to still be together for the sake of their friends.

It's a fun and silly premise, that is somehow sustained for 400 pages. It helps the reading is breezy. Without much effort, I ended up reading this in just two sittings. It's such a bingeable text. Most chapters are also fairly short (rarely more than 10 pages), so it's easy to pick up or read just one more chapter.

The cast of characters here are charming enough. I can't say I was ever over-the-moon about any of them. They're not the immediately loveable bunch of this month's delightful release Imogen, Obviously. Instead, they're fine. Vaguely hipster-ish, but for lawyers, doctors and a Montana farm boy, they oddly congeal into the same symbiote. And rarely are you seeing a demonstration of their abilities or intellect other than them blatantly telling you that they're hard working, intelligent or (insert characteristic here). But I enjoyed their general antics, and their dialogue was interesting enough.

If I had one word to describe Happy Place, it would be "fine." I never felt emotionally connected enough to the situation, but I was genuinely curious how they would finagle the more difficult moments of their relationship. The pace of the text, whether in present or past, always made me wonder what would befall our characters. 

Those looking for profundity or cleverness should probably look elsewhere. But those looking for the satisfying beach read or those looking to turn their brain off and just have fun will find plenty to enjoy here. 

Happy Place by Emily Henry
Release date: April 25, 2023
MSRP: $17.53


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