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Book Talk - Time Out by Sean Hayes, Todd Milliner with Carlyn Greenwald

This #BookTalkTuesday brings you Time Out by recent Tony Award winner Sean Hayes. A good book for 🌈 month. #book #books #booktalk #lgbt #LGBTQ #PrideMonth — Daniel Valentin (@DanielJValentin) June 13, 2023

Audible Review - Dykes to Watch Our For

From 1983 to 2008, Alison Bechdel's suburban sapphists gave us the foundations of much of our queer representation. Will & Grace, The L Word and Queer as Folk can all attribute their foundations to Bechdel's comic strip. In 2020, The Essential Dykes to Watch Our For was released, and became my own personal obsession. Since then rumors swirled about a Netflix show, but as of 2023, nothing.  Thankfully, this June (for Pride month) Audible released Dykes to Watch Our For, reenvisioned into 20 minute sitcom-like episodes. The translation feels impossible. How does a comic, an almost strictly visual medium, translate to an audio only sans any visuals? The answer: effortlessly. Through both sharp written scripts and outstanding voice acting, Dykes to Watch Out For comes alive. Each character you know and love, whether it's Mo, Lois, Clarice, or the many others, sound exactly as you would imagine. Performances feel emphatic and funny. Meanwhile, the narrator is none other tha

Book Review - Time Out by Sean Hayes, Todd Milliner with Carlyn Greenwald

Time Out  is a perfectly suitable and predictable YA coming out story. Big time high school basketball start Barclay Elliot comes out in the most public way possible at a pep-rally, and the subsequent fallout is disastrous. This is the kind of typical coming out literature you would expect a decade or more ago, so this is hardly breaking new ground. What does feel original is Time Out  focuses on a basketball star. A decidedly macho kind of character. But since Heartstoppers , it's hard to say this is new ground. Barclay Elliot overcomes adversity. He's the object of affection for much of this small town, and then that's kind of it. There are some elements that are introduced to keep the adventure exciting: a potential love interest, school board corruption and a negligent mother all give the story some depth. But Barclay Elliot is a surprisingly one dimensional character.  It doesn't help that surrounding cast is chock full of stock characters. The homophobic character

Book Review - Yellowface by R. F. Kuang

Yellowface is my kind of read. It has everything I want. Good writing. Great characters. And a page turning plot. It's also, at times, laugh out loud funny, and it is never--even in it's less than perfect second half--boring for a moment.  The story revolves June Hayward, an author who has achieved virtually no success, and her friendly acquaintance Athena Liu, a literary bestselling tour-de-force author. When an unfortunately (and entirely insane) accidental death occurs to Athena while they are celebrating in Athena's apartment, June steals her manuscript. Our protagonist, June Hayward, then goes on to rewrite and sell Athena's work as her own. Of course, this all spirals out of control as June's paranoia and twitter's unrelenting trolls drag this brand new bestselling author.  At the heart of the story is plagiarism, but this story also raises the questions of who gets to tell what story. Does June have the right to tell the story of Chinese immigrants, even

Book Talk - Generations by Jean M Twenge, PhD

This #BookTalkTuesday brings you Generations by @jean_twenge - an amazing way to see how English, math and statistics can work together. But oh man, that Gen Z chapter… 🤯 #book #books #booktalk #BookBoost #booklovers #BookBoost — Daniel Valentin (@DanielJValentin) June 6, 2023